(c) Charity Rae Burger 2008

This is an interactive art piece. Each of the six drawers of this apothecary cabinet contains a different assemblage for the viewer to explore ( see details of drawers below) .

apothecary cabinet from Tibet, clay faces , photograph of  the sky, feathers, led light, armadillo shell, numbered nails, rice paper, fabric, bones: bones of mouse and shrews, twine, human hair, vials, teeth, nail clippings, maps, handmade bird nest, cat fur, tiny scissors, plexiglass, photo transfer, found wooden piece, watch parts, found metal pieces, wire, metallic paper, acetate, mirror, magic, music composed by Dead Canaries, sea coral, canvas, thread, more vials, ribbon, beads, tea leaves, needles, water, paper, soil, images of embryos and fetuses in resin, spade, forty-four little jars, forty-four different varieties of seeds

10.25" x 12.75" x 9"

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